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“Cast in a role far older than her real age, Alanah Parkin is an absolute standout as the hip and flamboyant grandmother; Rosie Hart. She is completely convincing as an elderly woman in her physicality, voice and delivery and has exceptional comic timing.”

- You Should See it Melb (The Wedding Singer)

“Alanah Parkin was outstanding as a girl who, lacking any role model worth respecting, is experimenting with dangerous behaviour. Not only her speech but her listening skills and silences were proof that Alanah is an accomplished performer.”

- Victorian Drama League (August: Osage County)

“Alanah Parkin as Rosie was the standout performer in the show. It is always hard for young actors to play older characters. However, Alanah brought great comic timing to the role and acted it thoughtfully. She had great expression, good vocals both sung and spoken - and excellent dance ability.” 

- Music Theatre Guild of Victoria (The Wedding Singer)

“Alanah Parkin (Wendla) […] displayed immense passion for their role, and also great emotional depth and commitment to exploring their character.”

- Theatre People (Spring Awakening)

“The list of accents [Alanah Parkin] rolled through portraying different characters […] and their resonant voice […] [was much] to the delight of the audience.”

- Australian Stage (Love, Loss, and What I Wore)

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"Alanah was an absolute pleasure to work with as a lead on a recent production. They were incredibly accommodating and flexible with our production schedule, and gave every piece of energy possible to ensure the performance was second to none - Something that is evident in the final product. I'd recommend Alanah to anyone who's looking for a passionate and very talented actor/creative."

- Michael Hardinge, CEO at Momentum Studios Australia and director of Still Me

"Alanah was exceptionally well to work with, unbelievably talented, extremely dedicated, and passionate towards her role. Alanah took direction magnificently and paid very close attention to detail. I look forward to seeing what Alanah does next and highly recommend them to be a cast member on your project!"

- Scott Di Stefano, director of The Weeping Woman

"Alanah was absolutely incredible to work with. Extremely dedicated, professional, and always enthusiastic, Alanah brought unmatchable energy to the character of Emily in "Tarot". I hope we can work together again soon!"

- Sarah Robinson-Hatch, director of Tarot

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